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As lifelong lovers of good whiskey, the founders of Four Humours Distilling have travelled the globe tasting and sharing the best libations the world has to offer. They’ve learned that just like the medical methodologies of days past, the perfect whiskeys are all about striking the perfect balance.


The Philadelphia market is full of craftsmen and artisans with high-quality goods. It’s a place that knows quality and demands perfection. The food, the culture, the energy of the city is reaching its most vibrant hue in decades…but there’s still an imbalance when it comes to finding exquisite whiskeys inspired by the world’s best.


With the flair of a world traveler and the knowledge of a well-rounded whiskey connoisseur, Four Humours Distilling brings together all the best ingredients from around the world to create something bold, new, and unlike anything else in Philadelphia. Something that matches the deep passion and warmth of the city itself.


From the barrel to the bar, Four Humours has created an experience that brings people together and strikes the perfect balance of good friends, good spirit, good drinks, and a good time. Join us in a journey around the world—without ever leaving the city limits.

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