In an industry filling with endless high-tech options and new ways to consume cannabis, Dogwalkers focused on perfecting a back-to-basics product for those who like to keep it simple… and fun.

Much like the simple pleasure of taking your dog for a walk in the woods, Dogwalkers creates an opportunity to take a break from your day, de-stress and reconnect with yourself. An option for those who know the only frills they really need are attention to quality and ease of use…. In the form of a shake-free, hand-finished pre-roll crafted to deliver a moment of relaxation that’s ready to go anytime, anywhere.

The Ask

After 2 years in the pre-rolls market, Dogwalkers was in need of a total rebrand, complete with identity, story, and activation ideas. The successful new brand would accomplish three key goals:

  1. Create enough buzz to cut through the noise
  2. Generate product trials for new consumers
  3. Win the loyalty of their target demographic, “the classic toker.”

The Answer

To meet Dogwalkers’ strategic needs, Chronic applied design thinking to industry & client research. We developed three distinct purpose-first platforms — “big idea” creative concepts to serve as a center of gravity, influencing every aspect of the brand itself. Each concept’s unique aesthetic and reason for being were developed to align with the same goal: to position Dogwalkers as a simple way to relax and unwind, specially made for cannabis consumers seeking a classic yet elevated experience.

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