We create brands through business intelligence, identity, storytelling and experiences to empower & elevate businesses in the cannabis industry.

Chronic was born from the award-winning creative brand agency, 20nine.

Our approach is a fusion of cerebral and creative—we solve complicated problems by simplifying the story, and create opportunities through innovation, ideation, and visual storytelling.

We're a different kind of agency with our own way of doing things: bold, battle-tested and always built on insight.

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We're masters of simplifying the complex—from complicated dynamics to new industries to innovative products that the world has never seen.

Chronic exists to help you navigate uncharted waters. We've got a knack for distilling key elements of focus by uncovering and highlighting our clients' greatest assets and points of distinction. Whatever the challenge, no matter how complicated or unconventional—we're up to the task.

From brand story to visual identity, activation and beyond—we create what you’ll need to stand out and confidently define your brand in a way that resonates with your vision and comes from a foundation of airtight strategy.

Brand Strategy Identity &Storytelling Brand Activation
Great brands start someplace smart.

We believe that successful brands are built upon highly distinctive and differentiated strategies that allow for the free-flow of creative ideas that are relevant and valuable to consumers. At Chronic, we utilize business intelligence, design thinking, and methodical ideation to craft powerful positioning and value propositions that frame success for clients and help deliver a consistent experience everywhere.

Market & Competitive Research
Positioning Strategy
Brand & Product Naming

Brand Architecture
Awareness Strategy
URL Development

People love stories that draw them in and take them someplace new.

Creating a distinctive visual identity and brand story are key elements of any successful brand. Today, customers prefer to immerse themselves in a visually compelling, well-crafted story that engages in a fresh way, connects with them on an emotional level and gives them something in return for their time.

Developing an effective brand story and identity system requires vision, strategy and execution. We approach every challenge with a collective force of talented designers who bring your brand’s world to life through a unified system of logos, symbols, imagery, typography, packaging solutions and proprietary naming.

Story Development
Brand Persona & Voice
Logo Design & Visual Systems

Color Palette & Typography
Photography Style
Brand Style Guide

Great stories are experiences people want to talk about and share.

Ads don’t power brands. Neither do taglines or websites. Yes, they’re important to the process and have a place in the mix, but our experience with ambitious brands of all shapes and sizes has shown us that the only way to power a brand in the future is to empower the audiences it wishes to influence. The mission is to inspire consumers, educating them and ultimately guiding them through their own personal transformations. Because empowered consumers power brands. It’s a simple idea, and one we’ve designed our entire company around.

Brand Launch & Events
Website Design
Packaging & Retail Design

Branded Swag Design
Social Engagement


Chronic focused on creating a true brand identity from scratch based on their Master Motivating Idea methodology, and the results speak volumes. - Eric Meth, Founder/CEO of Good Harvest Co.
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